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      architecture design



    janvier 6, 2022


    janvier 6, 2022

    The full moon, hanging above the hotel, which we saw on the first day of departure to the facility, gave us the idea the concept idea. The bright stars, air, forest, mountains and mountain river at the foot of the hotel are impressive and remind of the important, therefore the design is a continuation of the environment that goes inside. The same natural materials are used, mountain stones-cobblestones, settle in the corridors, as if rolling from the street, wooden surfaces, sand textures, gliding lights like moonlight and mountain asceticism form and complement the spirit of the place, not violating, but emphasizing it.


    janvier 5, 2022

    A restaurant about craft and artisans.
    A huge number of craftsmen around the world continue to engage in applied art from miniature to monumentalism for generations.
    A noble and fundamental kind of activity, which has come down through time and progress to the present day, almost without changing its content – this is unique. It makes you think about the infinity of creativity and creativity that drives a person.
    This project is a kind of ode to creativity.
    The bright hall of the restaurant is associated with the workshops of artists or sculptors, there are also various attributes of various crafts: malberts, on which you can exhibit your work, pedestals for sculptures, brushes, tools, ceramic dishes on tables, metal. In turn, wood and clay in the interior enhance the tactile perception of space. There is a piano in the hall, filling it with music, slowing down time.


    janvier 4, 2022
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