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    1. 11.19

      architecture design

    Children's cafe

    Dreamwood Park in the Mriya Hotel is divided into several sectors – « areas », one of them is the « Water Area ». Also, the look and concept of the Azurr restaurant are formed around the precious SEA stone. Developing this storyline, we harmoniously combine the halls of the restaurant with the children’s area, continuing the theme of the seabed and its inhabitants. We stylize the images of ocean animals. For example, hanging sculptures of whales, made in a reflective silvery material. Also, the ceiling is complemented by lamps in the form of a flock of jellyfish. There are details on the tabletops – shells integrated, like found stones, in the resin of the tabletops, this is reminiscent of a favorite children’s pastime on the coast. In addition to the blue main accent (landing along the window is highlighted), a “coral” landing zone appears, which in color resembles shades of marine plants, as well as table bases are conditional “stems” and have a stylized coral shape. Metal inserts of marine animals and plants are integrated into the floor.
    We use an eco-theme with a marine mood in sandy shades with bright accents. The overall palette will be in harmony with the main area of ​​the restaurant, which is very important. Therefore, the main materials are duplicated here – this is the flooring, walls, silver whales complement the appearance of stainless steel facades located in the border areas, the lining of the Swedish lines is the same as in other areas. Thanks to this, the children’s area, although it stands out, is perceived integrally with the restaurant.


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