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    1. 11.19

      architecture design

    Le Mirage

    This is a story about a mirage. An interior that that reflects the desert’s history, only this time with an oasis, lots of air and water. The story begins with the hall, where a bright blue glass carrè greets the guests, a color that will still be found in the interior.
    The entrance helps you get acquainted with the narrative that the interior is trying to express. After passing through the deserted hall, you find yourself inside in the center of an oasis, light furniture, a lot of greenery, glass lamps that add air to the interior. On the right side there is a bar with a reflective metal texture, which reflects, or rather, combines different zones of complex space.
    This interior is crowned with a bright blue planting, which is like the long-awaited blue sea after a sultry desert.
    The name mirage supports the theme of cinema, where we plunge into the world of illusions and dreams.


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