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    1. 11.19

      architecture design

    The Dendradrium

    The Dendradrium restaurant harmoniously stands in the middle of the famous forest park. The location is very convenient, as it is located in a nature reserve, but 10 minutes from the city. The main goal was to keep as many trees as possible inside, some of which were left in the building itself, beating the structure of the roof. The vast terrain has allowed us to create areas inside that meet the expectations of various and most demanding clients. Common room, separate booths in the hall, as well as outdoor seating, which in summer is the place for watching sports events on the big screen or for guest stars.
    The challenge of the main hall was the correct planning solution, since the space is long and narrow. In the Central part there are two bars, they just meet us at the main entrance. The right wing is played with a pseudo-farm, which divides the space a little and creates privacy for the guests. In the center of the Left Wing there is a frame “house” which is also important for zoning and privacy of guests.
    Materials such as wood, felt, metal and stone were used in the interior design.


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