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    1. 11.19

      architecture design


    The French bakery today is an international trend. Establishments sell not only delicious crispy bread, pastries and coffee, but have become a new type of pastimes , where it is always cozy to have breakfast and spend time enjoying simple things.
    The center of the confectionery is beaten with a textured volumetric wall imitating the texture of the dough at the stage of the “birth” of a flour product. The shelving and flooring are made of natural rough wood, Textures have been selected based on their ability to age beautifully. On the left side of the center, the wall remained neutral, with the aim of the appearance of a video sequence of the process of making bread and pastries illuminated by a projector. On the right, the walls have a delicate pattern, reminiscent of the pattern of Russian ornament.


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