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    1. 11.19

      architecture design

    Azurr MRIYA

    In search of the stylistic concept of the restaurant, we turned to the name and its original translation – Azure (French Azur) – the name of shades of blue from sky blue to deep blue. As a basis for the concept, we used the mineral Lazurite. It is a blue stone with golden veins and amazing brilliance, which is mentioned in many legends. In this concept, we build a storyline around it: The heart of the restaurant is the precious Lazurite stone, which had been at the bottom of the sea for a long time, which in one day washed up on the sandy shore. This is reflected in the project in the form of light warm sandy shades and textures of the hall and a delicate inclusion of « Lazurite » in the form of some details and art objects. The general atmosphere of the hall resembles a cozy coast – hence the naturalness of materials, shades, textures, where every detail serves the general idea. The infinite memory of the stone stores the acquired emotions of the guests, filling the space of the restaurant with this energy.


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